I like exploring interpersonal relationships and try to understand the happenings of our world. In doing so, clear thoughts and an aimed perception are my trusty companions.

The Internet and its possibility to create worldwide connections fascinate me. That’s why we started our Art of Spring project.

I’m an expert story teller and quickly realized that my perfect work environment has yet to be created. My aim is to accelerate a synergy network with the help of sympathetic individual projects to strengthen it as a whole. In the process, there are no geographical borders, only conceptual ones.



Philipp Team Bild


I like standing on a board in the midst of a wave and I feel what happens around me. For over 20 years I’ve been standing on lawns, stumbling after balls.

I admit, most of the time I’m wandering through digital landscapes. Searching for the next design developments or a further step heading towards user experience. Foreign and native agency stations never really offered the right playing field for doing so – which is why I, by creating Art of Spring, created it myself.

I’m a mix of dull analyst and rebellious free thinker. This is my creative home now and you are invited to enter if you dare.



Lukas Team Bild


In 2012 I left my home region, “Schwarzwald”, and headed for Berlin. I wanted to use my motivation to live and see something else before being trapped by daily routines.

I enjoyed the capital’s offered anonymity and completed my marketing studies. I tried out various agencies and gained experience. As life goes, I met my wife and became proud dad of a daughter.

I know didn’t take the easy option by joining Art of Spring, but I’m happy. In the past five years, I had to face many challenges, and this is one I gladly accepted.


Heart and soul for photography, sports and social networks. I’m not your typical office worker, but a chameleon with a saxophone.

I began my carrier as a musician when I was seven. Me and my saxophone were member of a fantastic Big Band. After 15 years of wrestling as a competitive sport and great experiences, movement plays a central role in my life. That’s why I always try to reach local partners by bike, one of my biggest passions.

This adaptability forms a wonderful basis for the digital arena and helps me adjust perfectly to changes in the short-lived social media sector.